Louis La Roche
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Louis La Roche

Which artists have influence your music most?

All the Artists/DJ’s i grew up with i guess. Mainly 90’s music. Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Boards Of Canada etc etc.

Electronic music as a whole, has really been a huge part of my life. I’d like to think that my knowledge of the dance music world is undoubtly a huge influence on my work.

What have you got in store for your Sets in Aus?

I’ll be playing a lot of new music. New remixes from myself, new album tracks. I’ll still be playing songs from my back catalogue as i’ve not been back since 2010.

Are there any Australian producers catching your attention at the moment?

I still love Cassian and Shazam a lot. Also remixing The Swiss last year has really opened my ears to Australian Disco.

What are the songs closest to your heart?

I think for me, the songs closest are well written classics. Michael Jackson – Human Nature and The Beatles – A Day In The Life, are both great examples of songs that i could listen
to again and again. The sounds, the arrangements, the production, i just love everything about them.

Have you got any other talents?

Music is my life but I’m getting more and more into film. I bought my first video camera about a year ago and i’ve just been playing around with it and learning editing software. I’m no professional yet, but
it’s something that i am keen to learn more about.

Have you ever used your music to seduce a woman?

My girlfriend and i met through my music. I guess it’s not seducing but that’s as close as it gets.


Louis La Roche is currently on tour in Australia and will be playing at world bar on Saturday the 9th of June 2012. For all the event info you need, please visit Cake’s facebook page


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