How Rich Is Afrojack?
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How Rich Is Afrojack?

There has been a lot of talk on the wealth of *cough* EDM stars ever since the release of the Forbes top 100 celebrity rich list was released last month. The list included Skrillex and Tiesto but didn’t mention one synth wonder and in fashion man Afrojack.

So how rich is Afrojack and should he have been on that list?

His assets

– A private jet dubbed the ‘Afrojet’ (above) to shuttle him around!
– A heiress for a girlfriend (aka Paris Hilton) who loves to “rage”

– A big enough demand and popularity to be flown half way around the world to Sydney’s Marquee nightclub to open it
– Rumoured to possibly hold the worlds largest collection of sun glasses

Maybe someone should kick off a ‘Dance Top 100 Wealth List’ and see who’s bathing in money!


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