Google Attempts To Buy The Music Industry
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Google Attempts To Buy The Music Industry

Google is apparently offering billion dollar checks to music labels for the rights to their entire catalogues according to digital music insiders.

One source has come outright in saying ”Google has offered at least one label over a billion dollars for all the rights in every country for every piece of music and for every platform.”

Potentially the search engine giant is looking at spending over $5 billion as they aim to acquire mass amounts of streamable music.

When speaking with The Music Void the source was questioned as to what Google is thinking? “Who knows, it really doesn’t matter because they would screw it up anyway (referring to the fact that Google’s music service has been less than dazzling). Evidently they have a big content group and they have to have something to do to justify their existence.”

What are the labels doing? “They’re just shrugging and stringing Google along, trying to keep milking cash out of them”, says the source. “They want the money but on the other hand they hate Google. It really sticks in their craw that Google continues to present links to pirated content at the top of their search results.”

Again politics have come into a battle that could have an end, with a properly authorised music system void of DRM’s, territory restrictions and all the sub layered crap.

Will it even happen? Probably not, too many top tier earners make plenty of money running a particularly terrible system where everyone gets screwed but themselves.


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