Diplo Signs Riff Raff To Mad Decent
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Diplo Signs Riff Raff To Mad Decent

In some eyebrow raising news Diplo has signed a 5 year deal with comedic rapper Riff Raff to his Mad Decent imprint.

How did it come to light? Twitter of course with the producer tweeting about a deposit on a 45K chain with Egyptian Blacklight Amethysts and Tinted Lopaz!

The rapper, who came to fame starring in the cult US show ‘From G’s to Gent’s’ will also be the basis of James Franco’s new role in a new comedy flic Spring Breakers – have we cued in on who Riff Raff really is yet?

Anyway, we don’t see this going all that well nor a sound investment but hell if Diplo can facilitate No Doubt’s return we’re ok with it.

source: MTV


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