Creamfields: EDM Wouldn’t Exist Without David Guetta
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Creamfields: EDM Wouldn’t Exist Without David Guetta

James Barton – Creamfields owner, who recently sold the business to Live Nation for £13.9 million has spoken out at the recent Ibiza Music Summit about the relevance of David Guetta in Americas dance scene.

“David Guetta gets slammed so many times, [but] there wouldn’t be an American electronic scene without him”.

Adding further; “He opened up America for all of these guys to follow. And now because he’s really successful, he gets a bit of stick. I think that’s wrong.”

The now tongue in cheek term ‘EDM’ could be categorised as being the lame-stay commercial version of electronic music and would actually prove Barton correct (with its recent over-success).

As much as we’d hate to think it, has David Guetta been the catalyst for American DJs and the continually growing world scene? We’d be more sure that the likes of Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5 and Daft Punk were precursors to the current scene.

Watch the full run-down below featuring Danny Tenaglia!


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