Tupac Rose From The Dead For One Last Show…
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Tupac Rose From The Dead For One Last Show…

…in the Coachella festival, thanks to some massive hologram productions that virtually recreated Mr. Tupac 3D, who looked dead close to the real thing 15 years ago. Tupac, much to the awe of the festival-goers, shared the stage and performed with Snoop Dog before teleporting back to the realm of the dead in a flash.

Advances in visual technology has allowed such holographic projection to be used in live shows. AV Concepts and Digital Domain, the genius minds behind this stunning visual rendition, created the performance with the combinations of a series of some previously recorded live-footages of the legend himself and advanced CGI techniques.

AV Concept used a special screen called the Musion Eyeliner which allows ultra-high resolution images for the hologram, and further customized it so that it could be put on stage within seconds in between the ongoing sets.

Using a hologram in a live show has actually been used in numerous ocassions (see vid below), but using it to revive the legend back from the grave, even just the idea itself deserves some huge props. Talking about an idea done right.

We found his twitter account, in case you are wondering what hologram Tupac is doing while not performing: https://twitter.com/HologramTupac. Oh, the internet.

Source: newscientist magazine


AV Concept’s Tupac Visual Imagery


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