NI make announcement on price of Traktor software
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NI make announcement on price of Traktor software

With the new Traktor Pro 2.5 release date fixed on the 30th of May (identical with their F1 controller release date), NI is set to simplify the Traktor product line by removing the Traktor Duo series from the Traktor Family. What’s more, the price of the new Traktor Pro will be dropped to USD 89¬†which is even cheaper than the price of the former Traktor Duo.

So what’s the motive for this? This move should see bigger adoption of Traktor in the DJ market as NI puts its focus into the DJ hardware product lines with Traktor software at it’s core. Is this bad news for Serato? We’ll see how they respond to this move.

NI generously offers free upgrade to Traktor Pro 2.5 for owners of the Traktor 2 (both Duo and Pro), while those who have bought Traktor Pro 2 between the 1st of January 2012 and 2nd of April 2012 get a USD 60 voucher for use in the NI online shop. If you own an older version of the Traktor software or want to get Traktor Scratch Pro instead, you can view the complete upgrade pricing below.

Upgrade Prices


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