Mr Oizo – Stade 3
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Mr Oizo – Stade 3

So did you hear, STADE 3 is out and it’s free on the highly suicidal ? I was up at 2am (Australian time, yo) trying to download this frantically. I succeeded after the site crashed 4.5 zillion times, but I think it was worth it in the end.

STADE 3 is a crisp blend of all the sounds that have become familiar, nostalgic and classically Oizo over time. I was slightly worried that this EP would fall into the trap of being overtly experimental bleeps and bloops but I think its landed itself in a nice mushy place that a lot of danceheads, fans and foes alike will appreciate.

(If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, check it. William Fitchner + Flat Eric I wonder if they got along off set?)

There are a couple banging tracks, including STADE 3 which is a dope head bopping track you can imagine a lot of guys with baggy pants on would enjoy despite having a strict mantra of “tekkaz sux br0”. It’s deeply ominous and creepy just how I like my music.  Carmen Castro also makes a return on TOODOO bringing back her fun and rad rhymes

My favourite track would have to be the aptly named WC which is a deep, grinding track with smatterings of the occasional bloop but I just really am in lust with the overall eerie vibe of the track. If you’re making a movie, use this in your chase scene, please.  If however, you’re feeling lost and sad in this EP and miss the old Oizo check out TEXTES because it has a lot of resemblance to Oizo’s own remix of Tiga – Shoes.

See if you agree?

Mr Oizo – TEXTES

And if you haven’t already, scurry along and download the entire STADE 3 EP for free at 


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