No one does techno quite like the Germans do, and certainly no one can match the revolutionary, ever-evolving style of Modeselektor. The East Berliner duo made up of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary continues cranking out their magical bleepdy-bloops with the upcoming release of Modeselektion Vol. 02 on Monkeytown Records in June. The compilation is a veritable rainbow of collaboration, set against a dark, stormy soundscape of gritty, experimental tracks from the likes of Jan Driver, Egyptrixx, Dark Sky and many more. Bass lord Martyn teams up with the Mod-boys to deliver the 12inch teaser, offering an exciting glimpse into the second installment of the Modeselektion compilation project.

While Volume 1 was defined more so by UK bass influences, Volume 2 hearkens back to Bronsert and Szary's time-honored techno tradition. Of course, with the colorful spread of contributors, Modeselektion Vol. 02 can't be pinned down simply as a "techno" release. Jan Driver's "Distorsione For Strings" adds a dirty dose of grimy dubbing to the collection, along with Martyn's "Red Dancers", which brings a bit of funky shuffling, cowbelling and his signature basslining. Egyptrixx sheds some light and levity on the subject with the melodic, mood-heightening "Levitate", but still maintains the album's haunting theme.

Stop monkeying around and go apeshit to the teaser while you wait for the full version to drop this summer as a 3xLP, CD and download version on June 29th (July 2nd in the UK and July 3rd in the US). And if you're going to Coachella, don't miss MODESELEKTOR LIVE on April 15th.

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