Sweden’s love for lunch time dance parties?
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Sweden’s love for lunch time dance parties?

Thought you were a dedicated dance enthusiast? At the club every weekend? Phhfft, that’s nothing compared to locals in Stockholm, Sweden who have been gathering in their lunchtime hour to bust a groove!

The first ‘Lunch Beat’ kicked off in 2010 with a meagre 14 attendees but the most recent event attracted over 500 people who shelled out $13.50 each to sweat it out with strobes and smoke machines for the 60 minutes.

“There’s no alcohol, which gives it a different ambience than night-time clubbing,” says Daniel Odelstad, organiser of Lunch Beat Stockholm.

“People are sober, it’s in the middle of the day and it is very short, effective and intensive. You just have to get in there and dance because the hour ends pretty quickly.”

The trend has been gathering momentum with other cities in Europe kicking off their own ‘Lunch Beats’.

What’s your thought? Would you be willing to get down in your lunch hour? Should Stoney Roads kick off a lunch beat soon?

via Start Up Smart


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