DJ Sneak and SHM beef it out!
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DJ Sneak and SHM beef it out!

There has been a lot of debate between “real” house music vs. EDM with the recent Twitter war feuding between Swedish House Mafia and DJ Sneak. The beef was started by DJ Sneak with this statement.

DJ SNEAK “It’s sad when the Swedish House Mafia is being paid to play BIG money to come to the US and play house music. For the record they do not play house music!”


Magnetic mag quoted all of Sneak’s fans from his 25 years of DJing (about 9K Twitter followers) came to the defense of “real” house music while the Angello fans (250K Twitter followers) pointed out that SHM is global and Sneak’s prominence is minuscule comparatively.

Wolfgang Gartners word on the beef:

It is very clear that Swedish House Mafia’s “style” of music has a set formula that works with I guess what you could call the mainstream EDM audience. In my opinion, I love DJ Sneak but Charles Darwin Theory of evolution states “species that manage to adapt by either means survive” and in the current landscape of a saturated market, SHM have found the “formula’ that works.


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