The UK's Zombie Disco Squad - now heralded by solo un-dead-er Nat Self will release the full-length LP 'Brains' May 28th.

"Righteous Sound" is the first single from the record and features soul legend Omar on vocals and will see an edit from Made To Play label owner Jesse Rose  - the single is due out March 19th.

Brains track listing

1. It's Still Early
2. Brains
3. Just Can't
4. Ibiza Hooligan
5. Righteous Sound feat. Omar
6. Be Down
7. Timesome.
8. Twerk feat. DJ Funk
9. Goodnight

Stream the slick Green Velvet-esque single below;

Zombie Disco Squad ft. Omar - Righteous Sound [CLIP] by Made to Play 

written by Ubbs

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