Snoop Dogg mixing deep house
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Snoop Dogg mixing deep house

At times there can be a whole lot of WTF going on with the internets, there’s Paris Hilton trying her hand at ‘dance music’ (badly) and even Tom Cruise’s son Connor getting into the act with a ‘serious DJ career’.. but when the doggfather Snoop Dogg decides to make a ‘Tekno Euro Mix’ things can only get stranger.

The flip to it all is the actual quality of the mix – from the track selection (dropping Don Carlos’ ‘Alone’ and even some 6th Borough Project) to the fairly seamless mixing – although we’d call this deep house versus the titled ‘tekno’.

Expect some worldwide ‘DJ’ sets coming your way soon.

01 TEKNO EURO MIXX by Snoop Dogg


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