Some say the world may be ending this year but local Sydney producer and disk junkie Lance Gurisik (a.k.a LANCELOT) hasn’t taken any notice, releasing some tantalising original jams alongside a number of edits that are turning heads (and ears) at the very least.

His debut EP ‘We Can Dance’ has already received countless amounts of credit, featuring heavily in the top half of the Hype Machine charts whilst also being included in a recent monthly mix from the Magician (ex-Aeroplane lad). Furthermore, the title track has been tweaked and re-worked by the likes of Goldroom and Fabian for example, clearly emphasising his grasp on the sun-drenched-house-vibe. He gave us a bit of history, an insight into his future endeavours and adventures plus a handful of tunes he’s frothing on at the moment!

Lancelot - We Can Dance

When did you first get into production?

I've been in bands ever since I was about 16 or so (as was everyone) and always had a passion for writing my own music. When I turned 18 I began going out to clubs with my friends and was exposed to a lot of electronic music. I became fascinated with the vast timbres that could be created through synthesisers. Guitars have their restrictions to some degree (a guitarist would never tell you that - I'm a converted keys player!). I got into a composing course at the Conservatorium of Music at Sydney University, where I became immersed in some of the strangest/most fascinating/eclectic music I'd ever heard. A lot of it was beautiful and a lot of it was utter shit, however both extremes helped me narrow my vision of what I wanted to do!

After a year or so of 'creative awakening' I started my first real electronic band Aeons. We broke up about a year ago because we had some creative differences and basically I just wanted to work by myself ‘cause I'm a control freak. However, Aeons was the best learning experience for me as a producer because I got to work with some pretty big bro’s like Russ Chimes and Diamond Cut. I picked at their brains and asked probably too many questions but hey, it helped! So that was the beginning for me I guess.

Who would be the one artist/producer you would choose to collaborate with and why?

Alive - Moonboots. I hope he reads this so we can do a track together! Ha!

Dead - Igor Stravinsky. We would make 'The Rite of Spring pt II' for electronics and orchestra...*dreaming*...

In terms of the common disk jockey, what are your thoughts on the use of programs and software compared to traditional mixing?

I use CD's. Kudos to all DJ's willing to use their computers. They are much braver than me. I don't trust myself let alone the doosh-bag dancing with two drinks above his head trying to request 'Avicii - Levels'.

In your opinion, what are the elements of the perfect track?

Hearing a chord progression that uses notes out of the diatonic scale will give me a semi...If there is a great melody on top of that with a cool arrangement, I'll get a full boner for days. Or as Skrillex's fans would say, 'it's all 'bout the f%#ken' drop!'...(no it's not)..

What can we expect from you in the next 6-12 months?

Keeping very busy with gigs. I’m really excited for the Secret Garden Festival and I’m playing as part of a group called 'The Be Sharps' with bro’s Frames and Felix Lloyd (check out our seriously impressive logo made on Paint on the SG website haha). I'll have a new EP out by the end of the year (I actually finished a new track today!) but I don't know when that's going to be released though! I’ll also be producing for other people plus remixing some more tracks.

Favourite five:

Bad Rabbits - She's Bad (Soul Clap and Gadi Mizrahi Remix)

Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)

Kraak and Smaak - Hold Back Love (Original Mix)

Volta Bereau - Alley Cat (Original Mix)

Tensnake - Need Your Loving (Tiger and Woods Remix)

written by Adam Masters

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