Felix Cartal – Fin

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Felix Cartal – Fin

As we head towards the release of Felix Cartals full-length album ‘Different Faces’ – due out March 27th, we’ve been given the opportunity to premier possibly the most consuming track on the record, “Fin”.

It’s staggering length tells a story beyond those of words and re-cultivates the early grooves from the opening of the album, sentiments also shared by the man himself; “Back to the opening classical piano sounds of the first track on the record, Fin brings the whole thing home. Clocking in at a near 7-mins and slightly pretentious at times, it’s rightfully the longest song on the album.”

By pre-ordering ‘Different Faces’ now on iTunes fans can go into the chance to win some pretty special prizes including a dinner and drinks with Felix, a one of a kind varsity cardigan or a ‘Different Faces’ single package!

All things we’d love to win haha


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