Valentines Day Dance Music Grammy Awards
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Valentines Day Dance Music Grammy Awards

Yes, here at Stoney Roads we take Valentines day extremely seriously. Due to most of us working on site 24/7 we often ‘forget’ to get laid.

Therefore in true Grammy fashion we decided to award the best songs to “DO” certain “Things” too which gave birth to the first ever Valentines Day Dance Song Grammy Awards.

Opportunists! This is the only day of the year that you can give a girl OR guy a Hallmark card and a rose to successfully unlock the gates to Mordor. So hold your breathe and take our advice. Here are the winners of the prestigious categories to spice up your Valentine’s Day!

AWARD 1 – Best dance song to “get down to”

Download Justin Martin, Ardalan – LEZGO – Original Mix 192

AWARD 2 – Post getting laid chill song

Download Parachute Youth – Can’t get better than this (Radio Edit) 192

AWARD 3 – Post getting laid celebration dance song

Download Monkey Safari – Those Dancing Days (Original Mix) 192

AWARD 4 – Best song to be pissed off to because you aren’t going to get any action

Download Caspa – Marmite (Doctor P Remix) 192

AWARD 5 – Best song to break up with your bf / gf to

Download Jack Beats – End Of Love 192

AWARD 6 – Best song to not give a fuck about Valentines Day to


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