Richard X: ‘Albums leak when fans disguise themselves…’

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Richard X: ‘Albums leak when fans disguise themselves…’

Richard X, the producer behind MIA, Kelis and the Sugababes believes leaks, like those recently of Lana Del Rey and The Tings Tings new LPs is due to crazed fans and not piracy rings.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Richard X explained that from his experience, people can leak albums after disguising themselves as members of the music industry, so that people will send them unreleased material.

He went further in saying it was “the fan-driven mentality, and rightly so, is that they want to hear new things and will do anything to get the exclusive. I personally don’t think it’s a big evil piracy network behind it all.”

In essence we agree, the initial leaks are from those who feel the need to share, because of somethings worth but the eventual spread can by fast-tracked due to popular torrenting sites like and Torrent Freak.

Is there really a sure-fire way of stopping albums from leaking too early? What do you think?

via NME


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