Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy is producing what?!
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Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy is producing what?!

pete wentz black cards

Looks like Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has slowly been sludging his scummy ways into electronic music by producing electro house/dubstep under the Black Cards byname.

Although actually labelling the whole pile of vomit ‘Weird Pop’, the drops and breaks scream of the eloped basslines familiar to most electro/dubstep tunes.

The project was originally headed with vocalists Bebe Rexha but has now since left leaving the once Ashley Simpson spouse to his own motives.

So far remixes for Black Cards have quipped Major Lazer, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Hereos and now this crummy rub of UK rapper Example and his 2011 hit “Changed The Way You Kiss Me”.

What in the world… it’s almost as bad a gaff as Justin Bieber making dubstep.

Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Black Cards Remix) by blackcards


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