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Solo techno and electro producer Modek is creating hype across the world with his plethora of releases on labels including Mental Groove Records, DIM MAK, Lektroluv, U&A, Coco Machete, Mako, Keatchen Records, Crux and more! We were lucky enough to get the chance to catch up with him before he hits Australian shore.

Whats your memory of your first gig as Modek?

The first decent gig I ever played was at my school prom in my hometown somewhere in April 2007. If I could go back now and hear myself playing back then I’d probably feel sick to the stomach though… I do remember I had a blast and wanted to do it a lot more. As I said it wasn’t the first time I played but the first time I can remember playing for a decent crowd. I think this was also the first time I had the guts to play a song I’d produced myself.

Who is your hero?

Difficult question as I think I’ve had a lot of heroes over the years. I think the most important ones for “modek” are those that got me into electronic music, which are mainly Boys Noize, SebastiAn and a couple more of those names that were blowing up in 2007. Since then, other guys have really been able to inspire me and most of the time, they aren’t even that well known.

Other heroes of mine that have no relation to EDM are James Horner, Bruce Wayne, Ricky Gervais and of course my parents.

Have you ever used your music to seduce someone?

Not that I’m aware of… But I do believe it’s one of my strong points 😀

Who is your favourite dance music artist at this minute?

I think I’d have to go for Keith & Supabeatz or Borussia. Or I might just go for both.. why not! They both have a very characteristic sound and style and they rarely do something that I don’t like.

Are there any Aussie producers catching your attention at the moment?

One of the Australian guys that caught my attention early on is Distrakt. His beats are so hyperactive and pumped that it’s almost too much. Still, the sounds he uses and the amount of detail in his beats is really really great. Also, I’ve known Nadisko from the days I released an EP on monkey see monkey do and they’re really nice guys who’ve also made the occasional bomb that I just have to drop 🙂 Other than that, I have to admit I’m not really up to date with the Australian scene, but I hope this tour can enlighten me!
Here you go!

What is the song you hold closest to your heart?

Hardest question of my life!!! 😀 There’s so many!
If I have to chose: Moderat – Les Grandes Marches.

I’d chose this for a lot of different reasons. Mostly because It reminds me of good times and it’s also just a genious piece of art. I had the chance to see them at pukkelpop some time ago, but I got ill and couldn’t make it. Never been so bummed out in my life.

90% of people reading this are probably bedroom producers – what’s your best pro-tip for kids starting out making beats?

It’s funny you should say ‘pro-tip’ as all I’ve ever done is produce in my bedroom haha! My advice would be to listen very carefully to what you produce and don’t go sending half assed productions to everyone asking for feedback. Try to finish something that you are still proud of after a week. Also, I’ve had people sending me stuff that I would feedback on and they’d reply something like “well I like it and I’m really proud of it no matter what you say”. Don’t even bother asking me then 😀

Have you got any other talents?

Not that many!! 😀
Two weeks ago I graduated as a teacher. So I guess I’m pretty good at that.. but my heart is, was and always will be with music.

If you are in Sydney, you can catch him this Saturday night playing alongside Ado at Arthouse: click here for event details 

Click here! to go in the chance to win 1 x double pass to Modek and Ado at Arthouse Sydney



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