Mashup – Mixed In Key… A step in the wrong direction!
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Mashup – Mixed In Key… A step in the wrong direction!

Mixed In Key are set to release ‘Mashup – Mixed In Key’ – a program to allow users to effectively match and mash up tracks depending on their song library.

The ever popular Mixed In Key series has long allowed producers and DJs to match keys in tracks to allow a more progressive and smoother set, something we can all appreciate to varying degrees.

From the early run-down of the program, the company have simplified the whole process into 7 easy-steps.

  1. Open Your Mashup Software
  2. Drag music from iTunes or your hard drive into the browser
  3. Mashup will detect which tracks are compatible with each other
  4. Choose the first track
  5. Mashup will refresh its browser and show what’s compatible with your choice
  6. Choose the second track
  7. Mashup is designed to beatmatch your tracks automatically (skill?)


Do we think Mashup – Mixed In Key is a step too far? Yeah sure we do!

Reading a recent interview with one of the few modern mashup-ers Girl Talk, he was questioned over the tracking of his library and time it took to sort “Literally once every two weeks I’ll go back through all the material I’m working on, sometimes it will take a whole day just to catalogue the stuff into that text document. The days I have to do that, I don’t enjoy that day very much!”

Adding “then I also organise it by category, like say, Melodies You Can’t Recognise, orMelodies That Are Very RecognisableSampled Beats vs. Oringinal BeatsHi-Hats,Vocal Samples That Aren’t Lyrical or whatever. And they’re all based on the tempo.”

It seems to be a rising trend for hard work to be replaced by ever-easier methods for turning an art into a walk in the park, sad but true.

Where does this leave us within the already watered down PG version of DJing?

How about you head to the official Mixed In Key Facebook page and give them a piece of your mind?


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