Justice and their new direction
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Justice and their new direction

With the new album comes a different direction for French electronic duo Justice which unfortunately means they are cutting ties with producing remixes… for now.

In an Interview with The Sun, The duo stated “Remixing is something which doesn’t really interest us for the moment. Only if we find something challenging. At the moment we are happy doing what we are doing — focusing 100 per cent on the live show.”

Justice went on to speak about their reasoning behind their album. “We love making albums and they make more sense than single tracks. We wanted to make a daytime record that wasn’t all neon lights. Electronic music has always been regarded as music for the night and cities. So we wanted to make electronic record for the day and the countryside.”

From ‘Waters of Nazareth’ to music for country drives. Who would have thought!

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Source: The Sun


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