Guess who Skrillex is dating?
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Guess who Skrillex is dating?


Skrillex Dating

Man about (dance) town, Skrillex who recently netted 3 Grammys and some kind words from Tommie Sunshine is now dating electro-pop siren Ellie Goulding.

Celebrity gossip site Perez Hilton (big Skrilly fan?) dropped the dirt that the pair were “dating back in November after meeting through some recording ties, but it’s just now getting out”, and a “source close to the couple confirms [that] it’s a really cool new romance and they get along perfectly. They’re really good together. Everybody thinks it’s awesome. Both of them are so talented. It’s a great L.A. romance for her now that she hasn’t been in London.”

Goulding’s last relationship was with Radio 1 DJ Greg James, which lasted for eighteen months. However, the couple split in November 2011

After a recent vocally induced single from Sonny who know’s what’s on the table next?

via FACT and Perez Hilton


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