In a rare act of an artist not selling out, UK electronic outfit Gorillaz have slammed the doors shut for bubble gum teen tv show 'Glee' being able to cover their songs.

Currently touring North America lead singer, Damon Albarn says he's not interested in letting the hit show perform covers of his groups songs.

"We wouldn't let that happen," Albarn said in an interview with the Associated Press last week. "And not that they've asked us because they haven't, and now they definitely won't," he continued with a laugh.

In what possibly was the most awesome quote of the year so far, Albarn stated shows like "Glee" showcase "a very poor substitute for the real thing."

In the words of the great Ali G, 'Restcpt'.

The Gorillaz are set to record a new track with Andre 3000 and LCD Soundystem's James Murphy.