When fame hits you as suddenly as it did when Yolanda Be Cool and Dcup released 'We No Speak Americano', you can often wonder what was going through the artists mind at the time. To find this out and more, we caught up via email!

When you heard the mastered version of 'we no speak americano' for the first time with DCUP, did you feel like you had made something that would blow up as much as it did? No not really. Actually not at all. We were actually even a little unsure if what we sampled could be considered sacrilege in Italy. So we emailed our Italian dj buddies, Mowgli, Solo & Riva to see what they thought. They all replied with the same answer which was basically. "haha this is funny" which we didn't know whether was a good a thing or not. Have you ever used your music to seduce someone? Umm yep. It was my first and most consistently reliable trick for years:) Who is your favourite dance music artist at this minute? Morgan Geist aka Storm Queen - Everything this guy has done and is now doing is amazing. Are there any other Aussie producers catching your attention at the moment? Wax Motif & Parachute Youth are on fire at the moment. What is the song you guys hold closest to your heart? Juicy - The Notorious B.I.G. 90% of people reading this are probably bedroom producers – what’s your best pro-tip for kids starting out making beats?

Before writing a track make sure you have a strong idea and direction you want to take your track. Then go mad experimenting with all sorts of weird and crazy stuff in your pursuit of creating something unique.

Have you got any other talents? We are pretty talented at staying out late:)

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