Having rolled out a plethora of indie dance tracks to the world, Miami horror are currently working on new material but not a lot has been revealed!

Best known for their debut album illumination which included hits 'Sometimes', 'Moon Theory' and 'Holidays', the band have currently based themselves in Los Angeles, America. To check in with the guys we sent them a few question before their soon to be DJ tour in Australia.

What are your memories of your first dj set? I think the first dj set I played were at my friend Augusts 18th birthday party in Eltham, VIC. It was set amongst these huge European trees, art studios, collection of metal and his house. It was fun, although there were some pretty scummy kids from school there who all wanted 90s/2000's hip hop classics.

What song do you guys hold closest to heart? I'd say as a group i'm overruled by Dan, Josh and Aaron's choice of LA Woman by the doors. Through 2010 it was a big one before partying.

Are you and XBox360 or a Playstation kind of guy? Personally i only used to play videogames in the playstation 1 and 2 era, I haven't really spent much time playing video games since the xbox's release, so i'm not really either..

What’s on the horizon for Miami Horror? New album and side projects. Side projects will hopefully see the light of day in the next few months, we're aiming to have most of the MH album by december..

When are you back in town anyway? its been a while! Josh and I are back mid Jan however Dan and Aaron are staying in LA for the next part of the year..

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