Skream and Benga ready free EP on Scion A/V
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Skream and Benga ready free EP on Scion A/V

Skream and Benga are set to release a free EP (2 Benga, 3 Skream) on Scion A/V December 6th.

Both are respected Dubsteps producers who have set the precedent for the genre in the past 12 months with originals and remixes being played at all levels from clubs to national touring festivals.

When asked about the choice; Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions for Scion said “Skream and Benga are not only legendary DJs but legendary producers; these two have brought a sonic movement from their home and spread it across the world like wildfire. Wherever you go now, the sounds of dubstep follow you, thanks in part to them.”

Expect the release to hit these pages next Tuesday!

Track Listing:

1) Benga – Any Steppers
2) Benga – Electro West
3) Skream – Ice Cream Jelly Roll
4) Skream – Nefariousa
5) Skream – Phat Head


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