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Straight talking London based Techno/Tech house producer Mowgli checks in to Stoney Roads before his Aussie tour to answer some REAL questions.

Known for his popularity across Europe and ownership of label Deadfish Audio, you will never see this producer short of a fresh Mixtape or new release through his social media communications. To give you a further insight into Mowgli, we asked him a broad range of questions which was received with a diverse range of response!

What’s your memories of the first ever gig you played at?
I dont even remember the first gig I played… I dont know, sorry, I have a terrible memory I dont remember many things.

Have you ever used your music to seduce someone?
No. what kind of question is this? cmon!

Who is your favourite dance music artist at this minute?
I really like Maceo Plex, quality and creativity at a very high level

Are there any Australian producers catching your attention at the moment?
My australian brother Wax Motif ! he’s the best!

What is the song closest to your heart?
I dont have one in special, it’s like asking whats your favourite movie, I have many many songs I love!

90% of people reading this are probably bedroom producers – what’s your best pro-tip for kids starting out making beats?
Don’t do the music that is big at the moment, if you want to have chance to be noticed you must do something that isnt out there.
Be brave and do the music you like!

What do you have in store for your Australian tour?
Good music and a big smile for everyone who’ll come to the shows

Have you got any other talents?
I have a massive penis! 🙂

You can catch Mowgli this Saturday at Courtyard Party in Sydney

Check out his Mixtape Here


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