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First job?

Paperboy. I had the worst round, the longest drives, the heaviest papers. I fucking hated it.


Sinden: Maradonna, 2pac, Pam Grier, Dr Dre, Takashi Miike, Grant Morrison, Nile Rogers, Joey Strummer

Song closest to heart?

Studio – Out There

Favourite DAW?

Logic Studio. Been using it since the Emagic days. I love it – so trusty. Logic for life!

Memory of first gig you played at?

Playing records at my Student Union at Uni. I splashed much money back then on record imports but it was well worth it.

Last thing you do before you dj?

Pour out a large vodka and cross both my fingers

What have you got in store for Australia?

Musical delights, some new material from the Grizzly team.

Any other unknown talents?

Ice sculpturer, ice cream maker, iced out teeth fitter, iced tea mixer, ice skater


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