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Jack Beats

A quick 6 with two of our current favourite producers of the minute – Jack Beats.

Get the down low on Beni and Niall as we chat first jobs, preferred DAW and pre-DJ warm ups!

First job?

Beni – It was a paper round, I did it for a while but I stopped doing it when I tried to do it on rollerskates and it didn’t work out. I had the hockey socks rolled over and everything.

Niall – I was a DJ, is that embarrassing?!


Beni – Our Jack Beats hero?! Hmmm, maybe the guy who signed us?!

Song closest to heart?

Both – It’s too difficult to pick that but I guess the song closest to our heart of one of our own productions is ‘Project Bassline’. I guess that was the one that kind of opened the door for us.

Favourite DAW?


Memory of first gig you played at?

Niall – I leant someone turntables just so it could get me into the club and I got to DJ, that was the deal. I remember it was 11pm and I was mixing hip hop and was into scratching. There were just loads of instrumentals and me scratching for an hour. Can’t imagine it was the best atmosphere.

Beni – Mine’s quite un-noteable. It was in Hertford, North London with Mixmaster Max.

Last thing you do before you dj?

Beni – drink?! We both normally have a drink before we play!

So there it is, Jack Beats are about as real as it get’s, from paper routes to getting buzzed before a set!

‘End Of Love’ is out December 5th.

Browse Jack Beats on Beatport.



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