Is this the worst dance track of the year?
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Is this the worst dance track of the year?

There’s this Sydney bloke named Neon Stereo who happens to be one half of ‘The Only‘, who in my books have done some great production in the past. On my daily morning scroll through my list of favourite sites, I came across an article that deeply disturbed me. It was brought to my attention on Aussie tech site “Gizmodo” that this producer, Neon Stereo, had taken the monotone vocals of Siri from the new Apple Iphone 4S and butchered it in to the equivalent of a Rebecca Black dance song.

This song screams for attention like a 5 year old child, it lacks originality and clings on to the fact that majority of people producing or listening to dance music buy Apple products and will relate because they either have or are getting an Iphone 4S. I think Neon Stereo has done a good thing by making this song because it signifies a certain level of laziness in dance music today. It’s the growing trend of relying on an anchor of something already successful to create a viral social media effect, which in a way he has partially succeeded at doing, it’s just a shame it’s so bad.

Ultimately trying to pimp the voice of an Iphone product with words learnt in year 2, cheesy lyrics and an ok bass line is a sell out before even making it. I know Neon Stereo has done some remixes for some fairly large artists, and I also know he knows how to talk big in his bio “envy of even the most experienced producer.” However, my advice to producers is to earn you’re stripes properly and search for that special creative element to your track rather than ‘dish up’ contaminated prison canteen food.


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