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Arty is a recent starter in the EDM scene having surfaced around 2009. The young Russian constantly tops Beatport charts with his remixes of Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Paul van Dyk and Cosmic Gate.

The 21-year old will be playing the Stereosonic festival that kicks off in Sydney this Saturday.

We had the pleasure of extrating some deets from the young trance prodigy…

What is your favourite Russian pop song of the past decade and why? (the more random the better!)

Hard to say because I do not listen russian pop songs at all. But there is a track from my 2 close friends – Leonid Rudenko and Alexander Popov – Stranger, really good song, especially in new club mix, BANGER!

Have you seen this video using your track with Mat Zo “Rebound”? Are they friends of yours?

Funny thing, I played in Vision Night Club in Chicago few days ago and promoters got these guys from the video to the party, so I met them. They are really nice and look a bit different in real life, but totally do not know anything about EDM scene 🙂

Anyway, it’s cool when such random stuff gets popular on youtube.

If all the world’s DJ’s had to pick sides between Tiesto and Van Buuren and go to war with each other, which side would you be on and why?

Neutral for sure, my total respect to both of them! They made SO LOT for EDM scene, and they are so long on these market and still getting higher and higher.

Whats it like being so young in such a ‘big boys’ industry like dance music? Who are the other young guys on the circuit that you admire?

Nothing special usually. Considering the fact, that Big Boys are really nice, open for conversations and always support young squad. And there is a lot of young talents who already made super career, like Avicii, Mat Zo, Porter Robinson, Alesso and many more.

For the nerds, what’s your studio set-up like at the moment?

Still the same, I use FL Studio 9 (can’t get to new ten version), KRK monitors, midi keyboard and no hardware. It’s enough for me to release all ideas that I have in my head.

What are you most excited about doing, eating and seeing in Sydney?

Seeing the Opera House, it must be main priority, but honestly, didn’t check a lot about Sydney, so will make my homework last few days before going to Australia

Finally – plug your next single!

Our new collaboration with Mat Zo, track called “Mozart” (funny thing – thanks to our fans for the track title actually :)) that will be out in December on Anjunabeats, another collab with Matisse & Sadko, track called “Trio”, will be out soon on Axtone.

Arty will be playing this weekend as Stereosonic kicks off!


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