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A quickie with disco-naut Aeroplane, post the release of the his ‘In Flight Compilation’ we reviewed here.

Vito has long been regarded as the leader of the popular nudisco movement through 2010-2011 and has remixed and released originals played by thousands.

Thoughts below…

First job?

Waiter in an old monk brasserie in Belgium serving beer and cheese.


David Gilmour

Song closest to heart?

Pink Floyd ” Welcome to the machine ”

Favourite DAW?

Pro Tools + Ableton, one without the other is not possible.

Memory of first gig you played at?

A boy scout party. I was 16.

Last thing you do before you dj?

Check the gear and put my in ear on.

What have you got in store for Australia?

Music. And music.

Any other unknown talents?

I speak Italian ?

Tell us a bit about your new compilation

It’s a compilation made of 100% exclusive tracks unreleased before. It’s the follow up of my Soundcloud mixes and my ” In Flight Entertainment ” radio show. It features all the young artists I believe in. It is also a kind of statement. An end, and a new beginning.

Buy the ‘In Flight Compilation’ on iTunes.


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