After Worthy's brilliant booty shakin' tech mixtape, we took some time out with the Anabatic Records label owner and Dirty Bird associate to get an insight into who he is, career highlights, where he is going and even about the last time he won a trophy!

If we could go back to 2001 when you had just arrived with your bags in San Francisco, can you tell us of your first encounter with Claude Von Stroke?

I don’t really remember it exactly. I am pretty sure that it was at this bar here in SF that Justin and Christian Martin used to be bartenders at. We all would end up going there on a Tuesday nights when Justin was working. Wish I had a crazier story for this one.. lol

What made you start Anabatic Records on top of being apart of the Dirty Bird crew?

I wanted to create my own outlet for my music outside of Dirtybird. A place where I could really develop myself as an artist and not be confined to what other labels wanted to put out. I started to get demos though after a couple of releases that were good, so I decided to start putting out other music after that. It has just slowly developed from there.

Can you point out a couple of career highlights for us?

1.Closing out the dirtybird party in 2005 after Style of Eye always sticks out to me. We played into the night and it was pitch black and everyone was holding up their phones so I could see the controls.

2. Seeing a youtube video of Sven Vath dropping “irst Te,” and also having Pete Tong play it on his show too.

3. Having “concumbia” stay in the techouse top10 for the summer two years ago.

4. Playing at the nexus burningman camp last year was amazing.

5. My first European and Australian tours.
What's the one song you reckon you drop the most in sets?

The track I have played the most over the years is my tune “Work The Walls.” It still kills it.

We have seen a lot of mainstream commercialism of dance over the last 5 years with genres such as Dub Step. Do you think tech house will ever be categorised that way?

I don’t think tech house will ever get to be as commercial as Dub Step and electro have become. I think it is because the songs are more drawn out and made to work more on a dancefloor. In my opinion I don’t think it will ever transfer over that well to the mainstream commercial radio. But you never know…

Bit of fun: When was the last time you won a trophy?

I don’t remember the last trophy I got, but I do remember the last ribbon I won. It was out at buringman two years ago, and I was awarded with a Great Preformance Ribbon by a girl during a DJ set. It made me really happy to have won such a prestigious ribbon, and I have it on my wall now.

Whats your favourite viral video on the interwebs at the moment?

Well there you go! An interview that ends with a Falcon Punch. Next time you go to a Worthy gig make sure you impress him with this dance move!