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Introducing Keep it real. A new segment that is not all about the production side of a dance music artist. Nope, we are delving deeper into the minds of your favourite producer to give you more of an insight into what makes them tick.

One half of Keith and Supabeatz and solo producer Supabeatz has been scouring Europe with a discography of tracks that could probably fill up a trans euro express. He has stopped in to be first off the rack for an honest session with Stoney.

First job?

I never had a real one. Music is all I ever wanted to do and I’m pretty proud I have turned it into a job.


John Lennon, maybe.

Song closest to your heart?

Yardbirds – For Your Love, Tears For Fears – Mad World (Gary Jules Cover), Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric, Bauhaus – She’s In Parties. I could go on for days..

Favourite DAW?

I use Logic and I really love it. You can really do what you want with it, so good. Sometimes I use Ableton too, it kicks ass as well.

Memory of your first gig you dj’d at?

Our first gig together as K&S was in Milan, at Rocket: it was cool even if we were a bit scared to play together live with two laptops and controllers.. we also met Congorock and His Majesty Andre that night. By the way, the very first gig I dj’d at was in Shanghai (China) with my girlfriend Ninfa (she’s a producer/dj too): the club was packed and we did a wicked back to back.

Favourite artist at the moment?

That’s a hard question. There are a lot of great producers and friends out there! I think Para One and his Marble Music is one of my favourite combos at the moment.

Last thing you do before you dj?

I usually have a cigarette, I ask for beers and water and then I try to watch and read the crowd, get into the mood etc.


The real ones? Fear of death, but that’s quite common I think.

Best advice to up and coming producers?

Ouch I’m not so good at giving advices. I think the best way to start making music is to search for inspiration (world is full of inspiration) and to think outside the box, sometimes. Choose the best sounds that fit you and your personality.. and make music every day, mainly!

What else are you good at?

I’m good at cooking, I love cooking. And I was good at doing Parkour, back in the days.

Stay tuned, over the next few days, Keith will be interviewed as well!

Click here For all good music by Keith and Supabeatz


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