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Punters are seeking a new experience when they go out at night with a saturation of dj’s in nearly every city of the world (Bar Kabul). It can become a little monotonous reading over hyped flyers and under managed club events so, in order to stand out from the pack it doesn’t so much require coolness anymore but “nerdyness”.

The last 12 months for Australia’s leading Visual DJ Sampology has heralded big things. With an international following, 2 visual shows that have been toured in sections of the world and one show that is in transit, as well as a spot at the world famous Big Day Out festival, there is no denying Sampology’s technical skills make him a wanted man.

Performance aside, as a producer, Sampology is back with his second EP out on Top Billin featuring the vocals of the always lovely and amazing Lady Chann. To get more of an insight into what he does/is up to we spoke to the man himself.

What sparked your interest in being an Audio Visual DJ?

It’s something I’ve always been interested in but what sparked me actually jumping in was when the technology became available for me to do it in the way I wanted to do it which was to manipulate Audio & Visual in sync using two turntables and a mixer.

How long on average does it take you to build a Audio Visual DJ set and practice it before you go on tour?

Really tough question because the ‘work’ which goes into putting together an AV set actually involves watching a heap of movies, shows & beyond to find content, so I basically become a more specified movie geek when I put together each show. After I get all the content together it takes a quite a while to sort out where I want to put which bits and the flow of the set. I’m really happy with the Monster Mash show, everyone should definitely come check it if they get the chance!!

Is there room to do ‘on the fly’ changes during a set or does it get technical?

Not really, it’s more that I will have different options & tangents I can take direction of the set in certain places, for the most part its a complete package I’ve made for me to put together live.

In terms of your production, it seems to be a mixture of Tropical, Reggae and Dubstep. What artists have influenced you to create your sound?

There is so much new and exciting music coming out at the moment from all around the world, it’s exciting to hear garage sounds coming back for the UK. There’s a heaps of stuff being made being influenced by dancehall & reggae from all over the world as well so with my ” SUPER SOUNDS ” EP I took the best aspects from those influences and made some tracks I wanted to have in my sets. I’m really feeling everything Hudson Mohawk is doing at the moment as well..

You have been collaborating with the likes of Lady Chann, Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana. What was it like to work with them?

It’s been a totally new experience for me as this is really the first collection of music I’ve put out under my name. I really just sent them beats I was working on on the off chance that they would be down with doing something for my EP. I really didnt expect anything and Spoek, Gnucci & Lady Chann all said yes which was awesome because they are artist I see as doing really rad things but are still under the radar to a certain extent. I was recently in the US for SXSW, luckily Spoek was as well so he jumped up halfway through my Visual set to do ‘Piggy Bank’ live!

Are there any desired artists you would like to produce with in the future?

I’m gonna be hitting up a fair few Ozi vocalists and musicians to work with for my next bit of work, but I dont wanna say who so other people don’t hit them up as well!! haha..

Sampology has created some next level tropical beats and bass which also reflects and translates across to the personality and energy of his live performance. The EP called ‘Super Sound EP’ also features 2 new songs ‘Move It’ which is a dubstep track the way it should be, bassy and danceable as well as a UK Funky –influenced ‘Technicolor Booty’.

Piggy Bank f. Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana (Willy Joy remix) 320

If you are looking to catch Sampology this year, he is currently doing a “Super Visual Monster Mash” across a 10 date Australian tour, as well as showcase performances at SXSW in Austin Texas, and Bowery Ballroom in New York.

Click Sampology for all good things Sampology based.

Check out a clip of Sampology’s visual mixing!


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