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Bass Kleph

Bass Kleph has been an admirable figure in the Australian Dance Music scene having paved almost a decade of housey and progressive beats enjoyed even more so by a european clientele. Countless Number 1’s on Beatport, label owner and consistent festival tourer, Stu has really done it all.

To get inside the mind of the man and steal a little bit of wisdom from him we mailed over some questions for a fun little interview to coincide with the release of ‘Bass Kleph Presents’, a compilation of new and old BK collabs with D.Ramirez, Alex Kenji, Prok N Fitch and more.

Name and hometown?

Bass Kleph (aka Stu Tyson) from Sydney

What are some of your favourite bits of equipment when producing?

Native Instruments Maschine, Ableton Live, Massive, Waves Mercury, Slate FG-X

Having produced Dance Music for almost a decade now, what have been some of the defining moments in your career?

Wow, that makes me feel old. haha, let’s see, some of the most defining moments for me were….winning Triple J’s national remix comp for downsyde circa 2001, releasing my first record (on vinyl too) in 2003, winning best remix at UK’s Breaks Poll 2005, DJing at Fabric in London, starting my own label (Vacation Records) in 2007, regular global touring and playing places like Ministry Of Sound (London), Love Festival (Los Angeles), Tuning Hall (Russia), and even extending to South Africa, China, and Kazakhstan, getting my first #1 on beatport in 2010, getting my 2nd #1 a few months ago, and releasing my first album in 2011

How do you feel about the ever increasing trend for pop stars to use ‘dance music’ elements for commercial use?

I love it, and am I’m very excited about it actually. The major labels in America are all buzzing about dance music right now (finally) like it was just invented. Instead of signing/producing hip hop/RnB pop, they’re now doing dance pop instead. This is great for the industry. This means dance music fans will grow, there’ll be more parties, more producers, more DJs, and more music.

Where there any other paths you looked to take when growing up?

I used to be a drummer in a rock band. That was my full time gig through high school, then after as well. We went our separate ways back around 2000. I was already very into dance music, DJing and producing, so when we split, i did what i used to day dream about, and focused all my energy into dance music.

Planes crashing, what’s the last thing you grab? (you already have a parachute!)

Another person or two. If my parachute could hold them. but let’s assume all passengers have parachutes. It would then probably just be my carry on bag. I can fit all my travel essentials in there. Like my laptop, headphones, camera etc. Maybe I could take a few snaps on the way down, that would be an epic sky dive!

What are you currently spruiking?

Funny you ask, as I’m just about to release my first album. It’s called Bass Kleph Presents and it’s a selection of my favourite BK tracks from the last year, plus a few new ones too. There’s colabs with D.Ramirez, Alex Kenji, Prok N Fitch, Chris Arnott and many more. It’s something you can put on, and really get a taste of the Bass Kleph sound. The first single is out now, and it’s called $pend My Money (2011 mix).

All very cool stuff!

Heres some previews off the compilation.

Bass Kleph & Stellar MC – $pend My Money 2011 (radio edit) by basskleph

Bass Kleph & Prok N Fitch – Disco Ate My Baby by basskleph

We will be posting an exclusive 30 minute snippet from the mix soon!


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