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Acid Washed

Name and hometown?

Andrew Claristidge: Lille (North France).

Richard D’Alpert: Paris (France).

We all know acid wash was big in the 80s, is the name an attempt at a revival, a bit of nostalgia or something else?

Andrew Claristidge: it is not really about nostalgia. It is more like a reminder. It is liked: “hey yo, do you remember those jeans we were wearing when we were 12 years old…?”

It is not about revival… It is about keepin’ memories alive and build up with those memories something new, future-orientated!

We liked also the technical aspect of it. Making something looking old even if it is new. Acid Washed sounds for sure vintage and really 80’s orientated. It is for us a big influence (and maybe not the best one…eh eh eh). The way they used in music ultra-high technology (at that time called sampler, synth…etc). They made the best out of those machine…

Richard D’Alpert: It’s although mostly due to my friend Jenny McFarlane, who found the name when we were looking for one:)! I guess she caught well the spirit.

What were some of your proudest moments growing up and musically?

Andrew Claristidge: we are constantly improving, it makes me proud. Musically: I am proud of some new tracks we just finished. It is a new turn for us. I think we reached a new level of quality in terms of sounds research… I am proud of a lot of things and it will take too long to mention them here … and maybe it’s too personal.

Richard D’Alpert: I have mainly doubts, not much pride. Maybe sharing great and true musical moments on stage with some of my most liked dj fellows like Kavinsky, SebastiAn, Sebastien Tellier, Romain Turzi… Spending time in LA with of my personal heroe, Guy-Man, half of the Daft Punk.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry both commercially and independent? Are they sustainable in 2011 and onwards?

Andrew Claristidge: it is a great and in the meanwhile an awful time for music. They are loads of great emerging talents around and you can find via internet and modern sharing technology some amazing music. And for the rest… well… It is getting more and more pathetic. Commercial music is getting worse than ever.

Richard D’Alpert: The never ending agony of the majors makes me personally very happy, every day of my life. Their suffering is the price to pay for all the shit they did dear to release, especially all over the 90’s, thinking they will make always, always, and always more money. Stupidity eats you all at the end. I like what the boss of InFiné – a French label I really like – said in an interview lately : “we have to invent it all, and not rethink what’s not working no more.” That’s a good quote.

Whats next for Acid Washed?

Andrew Claristidge: we will be touring a lot and then as soon as we have time, we will be back to the studio and record some new tracks/songs. We are right ready with our new LIVE act, Anthony Burrill made some amazing visuals for it. So what’s for Acid Washed? WE WILL HYPNOTIZE YOU! 🙂

Richard D’Alpert: UK, Italy and Germany. And things I can’t reveal:-)

If there was a tug of war between you guys and Sebastien Tellier/Kavinsky, who would win?

Andrew Claristidge: us for sure 🙂 Just kidding… That would be depending on the wind… We are kinda sporty… But quite skinny.. Anyway like Coubertin’s quote “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.â€Â

Richard D’Alpert: this wont happen since we are not only label mates, but friends.



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